Simple email hosting with

Once in a while you start a new project and one of the first things
that you need is an email address. Most of the time you are fine
with and address at gmail or another free email hosting company.
However, once in a while, you need an address for your own domain.
Now that’s where often the problem starts. You think «I just shortly
install an email server on a host». You do that and start realizing
that once the installation is done, you still need to take care of
the DNS entries, then there are new concepts like SPF and DKIM, and you
suddenly realize that setting up a mailserver is actually quite a lot
of work. And the half-an-hour you’ve reserved to «just» set up your
new email actually results in a full day without much success.
That’s were I was.

Next step, look around in the internet. What do we have there for
hosted emails? Here a short overview:

However, I finally settled with a new provider,, which was by far
the simplest to set up. You enter your domain, select whether they shall
manage the dns for your domain, choose an email address and done.
One further advantage is that they are in Switzerland, which has a good
reputation for secrecy (not only banks). So the data should be save from
spying eyes.